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The Fundamentals of a No Impact Lifestyle

Posted: Mar 18 2016

Every season comes with the possibilities of a fresh start; Come spring, we clean out our closets and we look for new ways to attack those 10­15 pounds of winter weight. So this year a few of us at Nomadista Headquarters are looking for ways to live a more sustainable life while tackling all those other To­Do's. We decided to hit the books (or rather, the internet) to find ways of decreasing our contribution to pollution, the energy crisis, the worldwide water shortages and our overall involvement in the decay of the world around us! Needless to say, after much research into the state of the world, we felt panicked! Here are a few of the baby steps towards a sustainable lifestyle that are small enough you can do them in your own home, wherever you may be, while also causing significant decreases in your carbon footprint!






This first step is easy and worthwhile. Once you’ve been to a farmer’s market in your communityyou won’t be able to go back to eating store bought produce. It may be hard to commit initially to only buying groceries at a farmer’s market, so we suggest at least committing to buying produce and dairy products at your local farmer’s market while you make the full transition. Eating seasonally will do wonders for your bottom line (in most cities) and your waistline. It might also make you pause next time you’re at the supermarket wondering whether to buy those Oreo cookies that seem to always be in season!



You’ve heard this one before! It doesn’t have to be every day and it doesn’t have to be for long distances either. Riding your bike 3 times a week instead of a car has a positive impact on the environment and can help you reduce your yearly emissions, which can amount to 1 ton! It can also help your wallet! Sierra Club indicated that: "If American drivers were to make just one four-mile round trip each week with a bicycle instead of a car, they would save nearly 2 billion gallons of gas. At $4 per gallon, total savings would be $7.3 billion a year."




Use those farmer’s market veggies and locally sourced meats to create delicious meals you can take to work and save the planet! Bringing a lunch means using real cutlery and reusable containers. Think about how much trash you produce if you buy food every day on the street. In fact, a small challenge you can do starting today is to accumulate all the trash from a week of eating lunch out of the office to see just how much trash you would prevent from going to landfills by packing your own lunch. If you’re not too keen on bringing lunch from home every day then bring a reusable container to your favorite takeout place. It may make you feel a little silly at first but people are pretty receptive when you tell them you’re trying to save the earth!



When we get home after a long day most of us have made a habit of turning on every light in our homes. This habit alone generates an unnecessary waste of energy. We suggest being conservative about how much light you use in your house at night. This can be done by: · Turning on a couple of candles for dinner instead of the kitchen and dining room lights. · Going to bed a few hours earlier. This is easy if you just take your night time routine and doing parts of it in the morning. For example, instead of reading and going to the gym at night, you can go to bed a few hours earlier and do those activities in the light of day. Your pocketbook can thank me later.


Saturday and Sunday are a great opportunity to decrease your impact. Plan activities that involve parks and local attractions within biking or walking distance: Visit local farmer’s markets, eat at restaurants that source their food locally, plan a potluck dinner with friends, visit a museum. Once you start thinking outside the box about your weekend plans, you’ll see that there are more exciting things to do besides Netflix and takeout.



Your purchasing power is a fundamental instrument for change. You have the single most important job of voting with your money for what you believe in! When we created Nomadista this was the foundation over which we designed the company and it had been our guiding pillar ever since. We wanted to create a sustainable marketplace. We’ve curated a unique collection of pieces from top sustainable artisans worldwide. The companies we work with are helping push families out of poverty, preserve the cultural heritage of communities worldwide and heal the earth of some of the negative impact we’ve caused over the years.

Living a sustainable life extends beyond you and me, it involves everything and everyone, past and present, for one simple fact: Mars just isn’t as breathtakingly beautiful as this green and blue earth. Join us in taking this no­impact challenge and let us know how you did in the comments below!




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