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#StoriesWorthWearing - Ace & Jig

Posted: Apr 08 2016

#StoriesWorthWearing Ace and Jig

All love stories begin with a small but crucial element; maybe it’s an exchange of glances, a kiss on the cheek, a brush of the hand, or, in this case, fabric! French linens, indian handlooms, and japanese boro-quilts in rich, bold colors inspired the creation of Ace and Jig, and made us fall in love with the brand, too.

Every woman has a unique style, she chooses her clothes based on who she wants to be on that particular day. When she buys a piece of clothing, she anticipates how or when or why she will wear that piece. That is the magic of Ace and Jig, one fabric that tells many stories about different women, events, attitudes, and personalities. One fabric that every woman can wear in her own way. What every Ace and Jig woman has in common, however, is her love for effortlessness. The rich textures and colors carry over from one piece of clothing to the next to make a different look altogether and we stand in awe of their combination of prints. These combinations of prints and shapes can range from subdued and elegant to decidedly eccentric!

Ace and Jig #StoriesWorthWearing

It’s also a love story about a way of life, the small ways in which our choices affect our planet. By caring about social responsibility and sustainability Ace and Jig has established somewhat of a cult following. They work with an Indian manufacturer that hand-dyes fabrics that are then given to women to hand-weave into unique pieces. As part of the social responsibility initiative of this small Indian company, women receive healthcare and childcare. The water used in production is recycled to cultivate organic produce for employees to eat and scraps of material are repurposed to create innovative designs. These sustainable practices also tell a story about the values and principles of the brand and the women who wear their clothes!

All in all, what we’ve learned from Ace and Jig is that a piece of fabric can not only tell a story about the woman that wears it, but it can also be a loud advocate for important ideals.

Ace and Jig Sustainable Fashion

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