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What do your clothes say about you and the world?

Posted: Apr 15 2016

If your closet could speak would it say something interesting? What stories would it tell? What countries and people would it speak of? Nomadista stands for nomad fashionistas, a tribe of people searching for unique stories that blend fashion, world traditions and responsible practices. We collect unique pieces that are more than just articles of clothing. Check out some of the awesome things your Nomadista clothes are saying! 


We like to go “au naturel.”  Synthetic fabrics and dyes pollute our rivers and damage our ecosystem. We support brands that know the huge difference we can make by sourcing and handling materials in a natural way. On Earth Day feel free to tell everyone that you’re clothes are declaring their love for this tiny blue dot we like to call home.



We think your clothes should be as unique as your style! Our pieces have stories of ancient traditions woven into them. Many preserve traditions of weaving and hand-dying from different cultures and generations. Each piece takes on it’s own identity since no two pieces are exactly alike.




Fashion Revolution day is coming up. It is a day where we ask “Who made my clothes?” And we’ll happily tell you! Nothing makes us more proud than to support brands that tell stories of social responsibility and safe labour practices. The men and women that make your clothes are probably the most talented people you could ever hope to meet. Just take a look at anything at Nomadista and you’ll see an incredible piece of art made by true artisans and protectors of tradition!

Go ahead! You’ve earned the bragging rights. Tell people about that scarf you bought that was handmade and hand-dyed in India by women provided with childcare and fair trade wages! Tell them about the traditions you’re helping keep alive and how those 100 dollars you spent at also provided a day of school for a child in need in Colombia! So much good in one piece of clothing! We wouldn’t have it any other way. Tell us what stories you tell about your clothing! We’d love to hear from you!


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