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How to travel the world without leaving your city

Posted: May 20 2016

You’ve dreamt about leaving your city and travelling around the world since you remember, but here you are: already out of school and working, the right time just hasn’t come along. Well, there are other way to satisfy your wanderlust without leaving your city and we are going to tell you how!

Everyone knows there is a Chinese area in almost every city of the world, but try to look for different communities in your city where you can learn about the culture and try different things that would usually be found in their country, such as ceviche or chicha morada in a Peruvian area.

You are probably watching every box office hit you can find, but we can assure you that there are a lot of interesting movies to watch from every country in the world. A recent favorite of ours is It’s Already Tomorrow In Hong Kong, a romantic comedy set in the bustling city of Hong Kong. This movie does such a great job of showcasing the unique aspects of Hong Kong that we immedietly added Hong Kong to our travel bucketlist. If you’re not a romantic-comedy fan, there are tons of  great critically acclaimed foreign language movies. Check out this ranking curated by Rotten Tomatoes:

Your closet doesn’t lead to Narnia but it can still open your eyes to new destinations. When you buy clothes from India, Guatemala or Spain your learning something about the patterns, textiles and traiditions of these countries. If you are a savy shopper, you can find unique pieces from across the globe that truly make your outfit unique.Why will it make you feel amazing? because you´ll know you’re supporting local artisans!

 Subscribe online or go to a foreign language class. A lot of the world´s different cultures are in their language, and you would get a very different perspective and a lot more respect for other cultures if you get to speak their same tongue.

Follow the events and news from all the embassies and consulates around your town and go whenever you can! You’ll get to enjoy a little bit of their culture and meet a lot of interesting people ;)


When you actually get to dominate your Spanish or Mandarin, look up groups of people that get together in your city through and get to know them, talk to them and practice your new language!


Subscribe to a service like couchsurfing or Airbnb so you can host people all around the world in your own home. You’ll have a piece of their country every time they visit you and you’ll get to teach them about your city too!

Want to know if you’ll survive traveling the globe? Try different cuisines from around the world. How about Korean bipimbap? Or a taste of Ethiopia’s finest? Try something unexpected! Trying new flavors will automatically transport you to a faraway place!

Get to know new people and cook different meals you can have at home. Don´t go to a typical French cooking class, instead something a little different: Colombian, anyone? You will not just get a great experience out of it but you will have delicious new recipes to try out on all of your friends!

Forget about Cinco de Mayo or St. Patrick’s Day, look for a tradition you’d never heard of before! You will get to experience something new and spice up your everyday routine!


We hope these tips can help you find a different way to experience new cultures and traditions without leaving your city. We know wanderlust is very real but don’t worry, you’ll be strolling through Santorini in no time! So enjoy the cultural immersion opportunities you have at home so that when you actually cross the ocean you´ll be prepared!

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