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8 Eco-friendly hotels that won't break the bank

Posted: May 26 2016

Eco-friendly does not always mean wallet-friendly, but it can! This summer we’re looking for the travel destination that will make you, the planet and your bank account happy.

We have narrowed it down for you! Here are the top 8 eco-friendly and affordable hotels around the world:

This gorgeous looking hotel in India has a stunning exterior that maximizes natural light and reduces the need for electricity. There are also a ton of great green transportation options including bicycles and electric cars. You can enjoy a very original 3D pool, a relaxing spa and an amazing room starting at $56 a night.

Concordia's eco-tent concept is akin to living in a luxurious tree house. The standard unit has a composting toilet, a solar-heated shower and electricity powered by a 12 volt photovoltaic system. You can book a tent starting at $160 per night.

What's Eco-Friendly About It? The Green House website says it's the greenest hotel in the United Kingdom. Everything from the carpets to the curtains are made from sustainable materials. Their prices start at $179 per night.

This hotel features triple-tinted windows, LED lamps and eco-friendly food at its restaurant across the street. Prices start at $233 per night to stay in this super eco-friendly spot.

Hotel Punta Islita's dedication to protecting the environment has earned awards from the Costa Rican government's Sustainable Tourism department, and the staff regularly engages in reforestation initiatives and wildlife conservation. You can stay here for an affordable amount of $240 per night.

The hotel increases the area's biodiversity, since it was built on manmade wetlands previously used for slash and burn agriculture. The Jetwing Eternal Earth Programme (JEEP) works to innovate in ecotourism and give back to the community. You could stay in this beautiful and different environment for just $242 per night.

At Chumbe Island, rainwater is the only source of water, solar panels provide electricity and all of the ecolodges are made with local materials. You can book your own tent for $260 per night.

Morgan's Rock's bungalows are extremely minimal and open to the ocean. The layout of the accommodations is designed for guests to become one with nature and their prices start at $265 per night.


We have given you different options in prices, style and continents so you can choose where your next adventure will take you! You only have one life to live, so take a break this summer and enjoy something different and new! Happy eco-traveling!

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