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6 Things To Simplify Your Beach Days

Posted: Aug 12 2016


With summer’s end on the horizon, we paused for a moment to reflect on what feels so great about this time of year. We realized how much we tend to simplify life during the summer. We seem to worry less about the details, optimize our tasks in order to spend more time with family, friends and nature, and by default, we even wear less. This simplified life is something we want to engrain in our last days of summer, and carry into the rest of the year.

For many of us, the last beach days are rapidly approaching. Here are six ideas to make those trips simple, stylish and easy!


  1) A dual-purpose bathing suit cover-up! Kopal’s Prem Skirt is a standout on the street, but why let it end there? Take it to the beach for an easy slip-on going to and from.


  2) Another great cover-up option are these stylish ponchos by Ketzali. This colorful poncho is great for longer days at the beach: It's a beautiful addition to any swimsuit during the day and it'll keep you warm on cooler, breeze nights. 


  3) Cut the bulk in your beach bag with the Grand Trunk Parasheet Beach Blanket. This nylon silk parasheet is light (16 ounces) and oh-so-useful: use it on the sand, for a picnic—even as a light blanket when the weather cools. Believe it or not, it stays cool to the touch and bonus: sand doesn’t stick to it. About the size of a softball when tucked away, it will take up less room in your linen closet too. It’s also mildew-resistant and dries in minutes, making for easy clean-up.


  4) Do you ever almost avoid going to the beach altogether when you picture yourself lugging that huge, unwieldy plastic cooler? Or end up spending lots of money on beach food (not to mention tons of earth-unfriendly throwaways) so you don’t have to carry your own? Enter the MIER cooler bag. It holds at least 40 cans or 12 bottles of wine and still has room for snacks, ice packs, etc.—all in a soft bag that can easily be thrown over your shoulder. They come in gorgeous colors and patterns and show great reviews for how cold they keep your days’ provisions.


  5) Let’s admit it. We love the beach but hate the clean-up. Sand is a real pain at the end of the day. But with this Ashoka Organic Cotton Tote by Raven+Lily, it’s one less thing to fuss about. Durable in sun, sand, and saltwater, you can simply hose it off and line dry in minutes. Roomy enough for an entire family's supplies, you'll love this simple tote. 



  6) Now that you’ve got your gear pared to down to a much more digestible reality, time to read. This is one of our favorites this season—it embodies that spirit we want to capture and feel all year round: Simplify, by Joshua Becker, is “based on a rational approach to minimalism. It will forever change the way you look at physical possessions. And most importantly, its approach will free you from the burden of clutter and provide you with the extra motivation to realign your life around your heart’s greatest passions… however you choose to define them.”

Tell us how you simplify and the effects it has had on your life!

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