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Stories Worth Wearing: Raven & Lily

Posted: Mar 08 2016






Empowering women in vulnerable communities across the world, Raven & Lily is the quintessential Nomadista brand.




































Raven & Lily Founder with Guatemalan Textile Artisans (Copyright: Darling Magazine)





Leonardo Dicaprio said it best during his recent Oscar acceptance speech “Let’s not take the planet for granted.” We take Leo’s words to heart by choosing the brands of the future, those concerned with the state of the world! One particular brand we fell in love with during the birth of Nomadista is Raven & Lily. We simply HAD to share their message with the world. They practice the Big 3 (as we like to call them): sustainability, eco-consciousness and social responsibility. Every collection they make has an amazing story that links the Big 3 to make powerful statements about fashion. For Raven & Lily fashion is functional, beautiful and meaningful.


One particular collection we love uses discarded bullets from the internal conflicts in Ethiopia to make beautiful and unique pieces of jewelry, turning war into hope for vulnerable communities! The colorful and intricate designs are hand-crafted using techniques native to local women. By embracing the unique colors and skills of each community, Raven & Lily creates pieces that truly embody the Nomadista lifestyle and preserve local traditions that are facing extinction! 


Raven & Lily employ a network of over 1,500 artisan woman worldwide, most of whom have been born into poverty and have few opportunities. We believe that empowering women can be the key to global change. We’ve seen countless articles about the impact women can have in vulnerable communities. Providing women with fair trade wages gives their children access to education, which could be the key to generating change on a global scale. Needless to say, we are extremely proud to support this brand and wear these pieces! We hope you are too.













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Shop these unique hand-crafted pieces from Raven & Lily that contribute to the welfare of women worldwide!

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