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Our stories of sustainability

At NOMADISTA we curate our collection by keeping the following concepts in mind:



Products with the eco-conscious stamp have been produced with efforts to reduce their environmental impact during their manufacturing process by minimizing the use of resources, waste and pollution, and/or by using renewable, earth friendly or recycled materials

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Products with the handcrafted stamp have been handmade by artisans around the world often using traditional techniques that highlight their cultural heritage. These items are unique and of the highest quality.

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Products with the socially responsible stamp have been created or sourced from people who work in fair-labor conditions where they are guaranteed a safe working environment, fair wages and training. Their production positively impacts vulnerable communities around the world that have been struggling with poverty and/or violence by empowering them to earn a living through sustainable employment opportunities.

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Made in USA

Products with the Made in USA stamp have been produced in the United States from start to finish under strict environmental and labor regulations that ensure that workers are paid fairly and have a safe work environment.

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