You are $100 away from donating 1 day of school!

Our Story

Just over a year and a half ago, Nomadista started as the dream of three to create a business that contributed to making the world better.

We had always shared many interests and values. We all loved fashion and design, were environmental sustainability advocates and knew we had been blessed in our lives and therefor felt compelled to have a positive impact in the lives of others who had been less fortunate. The combination of all these passions brought to life an online destination for women who love unique fashion, care about the stories behind the products they buy and are encouraged by knowing their purchase contributes to a cause they believe in.

Choosing the designers we wanted to work with was an incredible journey that opened our eyes to amazing things that are being created daily with a purpose far beyond beauty. For our first Fall Collection, which we launched in September, we featured twelve handpicked designers from Asia, Africa, Europe and the Americas. The stories behind their brands are as unique as their products.

Choosing the cause we wanted to contribute to was even more eye opening. Colombia was naturally the place we wanted to start in. Learning that 69% of the 4.8million Colombian children 5 years and under live in poverty was heart breaking. We knew how important these first years of life were and how this critical period can greatly impact a person’s ability to live a productive and healthy life.

It was at this point when we found Fundacion Hogar Integral. We were very impressed by their model, commitment and the success of their program. We visited one of the schools in Ciudad Bolivar and were deeply touched by the dire reality these children are born into and the opportunities each day at their Early Childhood Development Centers brings to their lives. This led us to decide on donating a day of school (which includes 75% of the required daily nutrition, health checkups and eight hours of learning) for every $100 spent at This commitment is our main driver and the reason we want to succeed.

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